Possess The Promise

Pastor Clay NeSmith - May. 26, 2024

In this sermon, Pastor Clay NeSmith draws inspiration from the book of Joshua, encouraging believers to "possess the promise" and live an abundant life as God intended. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared, purifying oneself, and meditating on God's Word continually. Pastor Clay challenges the congregation to give their full allegiance to God, follow His leadership wholeheartedly, and trust in His provision and purpose. He inspires listeners to step into the "promised land" of God's blessings, overcome challenges with courage, and become a light into the world, overflowing with the Spirit's power.

Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay is a dynamic, high-energy speaker with a heart and vision to reach the world. He is gifted in leveraging resources for the greatest impact and creating environments for people to discover all that God has created them to be. He is known for his ability to captivate and challenge the audience by delivering the Word of God in a way that is relevant to our world today.