Volunteer Teams

Volunteer Teams

One of the greatest ways to connect to like-minded believers and feel like a part of something bigger than ourselves is by serving in the local church. Oftentimes, we are asked the question, “Where do you need help?” At Valorous Church, the real question for us is “Where will you and your God-given gifts best be used by God?”

We are more interested in helping you identify a serving role that sets your soul on fire. Our hope is that you find a role and get connected to a team where you can begin to operate in who God has uniquely created you to be.

If you’re on the fence about volunteering, our best advice is to just start somewhere. Discovering and living out your God-given purpose is a journey, and we’d love to navigate that with you. We have plenty of opportunities ranging from the street to the stage, from rocking babies to pushing buttons, for the introvert and the extrovert alike.

For a full list of serving opportunities and to get started on your volunteer journey, click the link below. If you have further questions about volunteering, please call our church office at 843-280-1270 and one of our staff members will be happy to assist you.

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Life Groups

Life Groups

Living a Valorous life is not meant to be braved alone. We need each other, and more than just on Sunday mornings. That’s where Life Groups come in. These are smaller gatherings, usually up to around 12 people, where life is shared. We eat together, encourage one another, pray together, and dive deeper into God’s Word or the weekend pastoral teaching.

Groups typically meet in homes and are often short-term but regular commitments. Throughout the year, we begin new groups or split and multiply groups that have grown beyond capacity, so if you don’t see a group that works with your schedule or season of life right now, be sure to check regularly or talk with one of our staff about new group opportunities. (We also have pathways to become a group leader or co-leader yourself if that is something on your heart to start.)

It’s our hope for everyone at Valorous Church to experience the growth and sense of community that happens in life groups. Signing up can be the first step for you.

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