We've Moved!

We are meeting in a temporary fabric structure on our new property while our building is being completed. See below for directions and more information.

Why did we we move?
God placed on our hearts many years ago to build a permanent church home where we can continue to grow and flourish. Eleven years ago, On March 29, 2012, we bought 60 acres of land to start to make that dream a reality. This new home will give us the freedom to grow and to be the city on a hill God has called us to be to further His Kingdom!

What does church look like until we move into the finished building?
While construction continues on our new church building, we will be meeting in a tent in the parking lot of our new home for a few weeks. The Valorous experience will not change, just the place we are meeting. Our Valorous Kids will meet in the newly completed Valorous Academy school buildings.

Where are you meeting now?
Our new home is right across the waterway from our previous location, near the NMB Sports Complex. The address is 2100 Fire Tower Rd. Little River, SC 29566.