Valorous Matters [Week V]

Pastor Clay NeSmith - May. 5, 2024

In this powerful sermon, Pastor Clay NeSmith delves into the importance of the church and the role of each believer in building up the body of Christ. He emphasizes that the church is God's idea, designed for His glory, our good, and to bring hope and healing to a hurting world. Pastor Clay highlights the significance of spiritual gifts, encouraging believers to discover, embrace, and utilize their unique gifts in harmony with others. He stresses the need for unity, love, and perseverance within the church, as we work together to reflect God's character and expand His message to the world. This message is a call to action for believers to actively participate in the life of the church and contribute their gifts for the greater purpose of advancing God's kingdom.

Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay is a dynamic, high-energy speaker with a heart and vision to reach the world. He is gifted in leveraging resources for the greatest impact and creating environments for people to discover all that God has created them to be. He is known for his ability to captivate and challenge the audience by delivering the Word of God in a way that is relevant to our world today.

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