Valorous Matters [Week I]

Pastor Clay NeSmith - Apr. 7, 2024

In this teaching, Pastor Clay emphasizes the importance of Valorous Church as a community that helps believers on their journey of faith. He explains that the church is God's idea and is meant to build people up, equip them for ministry, and offer hope to a hurting world. He encourages us to get involved in small groups and ministry teams to develop the endurance and responsibility needed to remain faithful, even when facing challenges. Pastor Clay reminds us to keep our eyes on Jesus, the champion of our faith, and not to give up, as he is the one who sustains us through difficult times.This message is a powerful call to stay encouraged and keep on keeping on in the face of adversity.

Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay is a dynamic, high-energy speaker with a heart and vision to reach the world. He is gifted in leveraging resources for the greatest impact and creating environments for people to discover all that God has created them to be. He is known for his ability to captivate and challenge the audience by delivering the Word of God in a way that is relevant to our world today.

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