Be The One [To Finish Well]

Pastor Clay NeSmith - Dec. 17, 2023

If we want to be the one to "finish well", we must persevere in following Jesus, clinging to our faith no matter the storms of life. How do we do that? First, we must lay a firm foundation in Christ alone, the cornerstone of all we build. Second, we must plant seeds of faith deep within our hearts and nourish our spirits through righteous living and action. Like a farmer tends his crop, we must nurture our faith until it grows and bears much fruit! Finally, we must catch a heavenly vision! Like an artist imagining a beautiful landscape, we can picture the glorious eternity promised in Revelation - a new heaven and earth where God reigns face-to-face with His people! No matter how difficult your present troubles are, keep eternity in view! Don't lose heart or give up serving the King who will one day wipe away every tear.

Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay NeSmith

Pastor Clay is a dynamic, high-energy speaker with a heart and vision to reach the world. He is gifted in leveraging resources for the greatest impact and creating environments for people to discover all that God has created them to be. He is known for his ability to captivate and challenge the audience by delivering the Word of God in a way that is relevant to our world today.

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